A Plexus Update

It’s been awhile since I talked about my favorite supplements here and sometimes people ask what we’ve seen long term.

Let me preface this by saying if you haven’t heard about Plexus or the beginning of our story I’d be happy to share with you.  And if you’ve been following and wondering if it’s worth it, here’s the next chapter.

I think one of the most confusing things when making the switch to plant based products is that people expect a quick fix.  While some people see quick results, many people have much slower progression because healing takes time (symptom masking is much faster).

So many things have happened for us it’s hard for me to know where to start.  I’m also a little stuck because compliance issues make it harder to talk about things.  I’m going to try to talk about this without actually naming medical conditions. 😉 Because it’s a plant based, natural product, we can’t make any claims even though I’m just telling you what happened to us! If you want to know more specifically, please feel free to message me and we can set up a little email correspondence or a phone chat.

I have success stories for almost every person in my family and they all look a little different.

For David: much less pain in his knee and other places! His feet are improving, too with far fewer scaly patches.  But one of the most surprising differences was one I discovered when he stopped one of the products temporarily.  He’s never been officially diagnosed, but has classic symptoms of a common sleep disorder.  You know, the one where they temporarily stop breathing while sleeping.  No wonder he was always so tired during the day! He resumed the product and I haven’t heard it happen since.

fifteen years (4 of 1)

My energy levels are so much better.  Bella was by far my best pregnancy! So much less nausea and no backache ever (I could hardly walk in the morning with Zara) and I slept all night long until almost 34 weeks when I started waking with contractions and bathroom breaks! It was unbelievable! I finally understood why some women love being pregnant! It felt like I could actually enjoy feeling her inside me and the miracle of growing a baby because I wasn’t so incredibly miserable.  That was such a gift! Plus, for the first time ever I could finally take vitamins while pregnant without getting sick on them! Plexus X Factor contains New Zealand Black Currant which helps you absorb iron.  None of that nasty, make you burp and feel nauseous synthetic iron! My iron levels were great my entire pregnancy! The fact that we had her at all felt like a miracle, too.  I dubbed her my Plexus baby while I was pregnant.  I’ve also been so, so grateful that I was already on the products when I got sick with that most dreaded tick borne illness.  Every so often I still get this weird tingling in my fingers and a certain achey-ness that warns me that I need to stay on top of things and support my body; but for the most part, I’ve had a super quick recovery! But probably my favorite part is that I’m more emotionally stable.  Or the fact that I don’t get so down in the dumps during the winter.  Or the fact that my body actually wakes up in the  morning.  Or the fact that I fall asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits my pillow instead of tossing and turning until 2 in the morning and that I sleep deeply all night.  Well, maybe I just have a lot of favorites. :)


Adam spent the last eight years of his life dreading spring because of all the pollen and the symptoms that come with it.  He used to spend roughly three weeks on claritin.  Last spring I added a few products for him in March.  Instead of three weeks, he used claritin for five days.  This year, he popped one and that was because he started suspecting he was starting.  In actuality, he caught Bella’s cold and wouldn’t have needed it. :) He’s also had so much less trouble with spelling in school this year.  I’m not sure if that’s correlation or causation but I’m happy either way!

Adam (1 of 1)

Liam is probably my favorite story.  If you’re the long time friend, you know how he nearly starved in front of my eyes because he wasn’t tolerating so many foods! He was constantly sick with bronchiolitis and ear infections.  I actually credit that for starting us on our journey toward the crunchy side and more holistic health care!  We started learning so much about gut health back then.  The night and day difference in him as we removed all the offending foods and started pumping him full of nourishing foods and supplements was astonishing! He started gaining weight, didn’t get sick for a year at least, had a huge vocabulary explosion, the itchy breakouts on his skin cleared up, and his attention span lengthened tremendously.  I remember not being able to get through a simple board book with him (he was fifteen months old) and a few weeks later reading nine books in one setting!  It was incredible! Things were going well, but we desperately wished to reintroduce a few things to him.  It seemed we could keep him well, but we could never get his gut healthy enough to let him eat the offending foods without relapse.  Enter Plexus.  A few months later I stopped saying, “you better not eat that,” and we’ve never looked back.  We still don’t eat tons of gluten or guzzle milk at our house just because I know it’s not a super healthy option.  But we’re a far cry from avoiding them and on days like today when the boys consume how many chocolate chip cookies I wonder if we even fall into the gluten conscious category! The only thing I didn’t dare reintroduce was peanut.  You don’t carry an epi pen for eight years and then suddenly just decide you might be well.  Today we saw the doctor to get his peanut levels checked.  It’s the first time we’ve tested in five years.  He’s so anxious about the results because he so badly wants to be free!

soccer (1 of 1)

Zara has had the fewest products because of her age, but she’s also a huge sign of how much gut health factors into our immune system!  She developed hives the first time she ate eggs as a baby.  I kept faithfully giving her a probiotic and several months later she outgrew it.  It was so fascinating to me to see how much more quickly we saw progress when we saw the signs right away instead of lolligagging around for months hoping what we were suspicious of wasn’t true.

Apr 17 (130 of 53)

It’s not just food intolerances that get better when you heal your gut! It’s so many things! That’s why when I heard about Plexus two years ago it just made sense.  It made sense with all the things I’d be hearing and learning with Liam’s story.  It made sense with the research I was seeing on blood sugar.  And it really made sense in relation to the gut biome and how it’s connected to our immune system.  I am constantly hearing about yet another link to the gut microbiome and illness!  And!  We just heard on Saturday that Plexus has added a prebiotic to one of the their products.  I am so over the moon excited about that! Prebiotics feed probiotics.  They’ve done clinical studies and seen absolutely fascinating results! The new formula activates lactobacillus by over 300x, bifiobacterium by 290x, akkermansia by 250x, and butyrate by 58% (many people with autoimmune issues are taking butyrate)!


I was going to keep that short, honest! But I get pretty excited when talking about health.  That science geek side of me that loved nursing school so much still likes to read and talk about weird symptoms! :)  So whether you are just wishing to be the healthiest version of yourself or whether you are struggling with health issues, I’d love to talk! If you have been thinking about trying Plexus …. In honor of the way God has blessed us, I’m giving away samples to the first three people to message me saying they would like to try it.*

*(Only if not working with another ambassador please!)

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  1. Claudia

    I’d love to try some. I have a longtime interest in natural ways of staying healthy. I have to admit I’m kinda skeptical because of a few friends who tried Plexus with minimal results, but I’m not sure how consistent they were with it.

    1. Michelle Post author

      And I’d love to send you some! Consistency is a huge key, but so is finding out which products work best for your body! Sometimes it takes a little shifting around. Let’s talk some more, but I’m going to switch this to email so we can do it privately!

  2. Bri Gudeman

    I’m interested in this! My family and I don’t have many health issues but I’m always curious about what we could be doing to be healither and better on our bodies!

  3. LuAnn Mast

    Hi Michele, me? Not very techy here so forgive me if I’m lost unnecessarily but I can’t find any subscribe button. Am I able to subscribe to your blog?

    LuAnn Mast

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