The funnies

I’ve gotten so out of the habit of writing down things the boys say; but they’re still making me laugh almost every day.  The other day I grabbed a pen after Adam looked at Zara and said, “She’s pretty much a miniature human with an almost developed brain.” :) For real.  And then I discovered this ooooooold post in my drafts folder and figured better late than never.  So enjoy a few golden oldies.


Adam was talking about radiation and the harmful effects it can have while we were fixing lunch.  I was microwaving leftovers when he got himself a drink and said, “I get really thirsty when I eat radiated food.”


The boys had been studying parasites in Science toward the end of their school year.  About the same time Durlin and Emily came to visit and I got to take six month pictures of their darling, pudgy baby girl.  Liam was looking at the pictures of her later and said, “She is the smiliest baby I ever saw.  Every time you look at her she smiles.” Then he took a look at her chubby legs and said, “She’s so fat she might have that lymphocytic ermich….. whatever it’s called.”


Liam went downstairs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed when suddenly he came huffing back up the steps.  “I’m a hound sniffing down my hug and kiss!”  Seriously? This is when I just want them never to grow up!


We were driving into town and Adam was in thoughtful mode.  Pretty soon he said, “You know, Daddy isn’t quite over the hill, but he’s kind of on the edge.  [poignant pause] He’s just not very lively and [short pause] sharp anymore.”  Phew! Glad I’m still a year David’s junior. :)


The boys were eating lunch and Adam was exclaiming over the good cherry tomatoes he’d picked in the garden.

Liam: “Is there a lucky day?”

Me: “You mean like on the calendar?”

Liam: “Yes.”

Me: “No.”

Liam: “Shoot.  I was going to try cherry tomatoes on that day.”


We were riding up 29 North in Charlottesville when we came up beside a man on a motorcycle wearing a gopro on his helmet.  Liam took one look and said, “”Oh, that’s so lucky.  Then you don’t need a wife and a car.”  No need for wife paparazzi, huh?


We’d been discussing how different people have different strengths.  One day Liam asked me, “What are you good at?”

Me: “Oh, the only thing I’m a pro at currently is being a mom to you guys.”

Liam: “No, you’re pretty good at clearing the dishwasher.”

Always good to have a vote of confidence somewhere. 😉


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