WFMW: Breakfast of Champions

It’s the “breakfast of champions” at our house and hands down the boys’ current favorite.

We learned to make this during our month on Whole 30.  It’s one of the few things that has stayed a regular ever since and I love making it because I love to eat it and because I love hearing them cheer when they find out what we’re having!

Just a warning before you keep reading, it sounds gross.  So you can either choose to walk away now safely or read on at your own risk.

When I first read the recipe I was like, “Do what???? Let easy over egg yolk run onto my spinach? Not on my watch.”  But then I tried it because you can’t know until you do.  And it is so very, very good.  And easy.  I’m always looking for quick and easy in the kitchen. 😉

Layer 1: Fresh baby spinach

Layer 2: Fried sausage patty (or two if you’re trying to keep a boy full until lunchtime)

Layer 3: Easy over egg (or two if you’re trying to keep a boy full until lunchtime … does anyone sense a theme here?)

whole 30 breakfast (1 of 1)

If you have to close your eyes the first time you eat it, just close them.  I suspect you’ll open them right back up in happy surprise when that first bite hits your tastebuds.

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